Recent Interviews

6 Health Skills You’ll Be Glad to Have in an Emergency. Interview with Marissa Cohen. Real Simple Magazine. (October, 2019). 

Mental Health Epidemic Hits Generation Z. Interview with Voice of America, Dora Mekouar. (March, 2019).

What Is The Difference Between Fear and Phobia: 8 Signs Your Fear Is Something More. Bustle Interview with Eva Grant. (May, 2018). h

What Exactly Is Borderline Personality Disorder? Interview with Healthline. (October, 2017.)

The Best Sleep Schedule For 18- to 24-month-olds According to Experts. Interview for Romper. (July, 2017).

Here is How Chores Actually Make Your Kids Better Adults. Interview for The Bump. (July, 2017).

The Best Sleep Schedule for Toddlers, According to Experts. Interview for Romper, an online parenting magazine. (July, 2017).

The Impact of 13 Reasons Why On Teens. Interview with KENS 5 Eywitness News. (May 3, 2017). San Antonio, TX.

The Impact of 13 Reasons Why On Teens. Facebook Live event. (May, 2017). KENS5 FB Live Event

Americans Are Experiencing Increased Stress After the Election: It’s Not Just You. (February, 2017). Interview with Lily Herman for Teen Vogue.

Study: Dating Violence Happens More Than Previously Thought. Interview with WOAI Radio Station. (May, 2015).

Wrung Out Ringing In The Holidays? Interview with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (January, 2010).

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