Reviews/The House by the Cypress Trees

Elena Mikalsen’s writing makes it easy for readers to be swept away. Travel with Texas-native, Julia, whose first international trip to Italy in search of her birth mother takes a romantic detour. Set in a sun-soaked Italy, The House by the Cypress Trees is a treat for the senses. Beautiful food, wine, and romance, along with a gorgeous setting make this novel hard to put down!

Sarahlyn Bruck, bestselling author of Designer You

Mikalsen takes us on a charming ride through scenic Italy, as delightful as a luscious bite of a fresh apricot. And like a rich glass of Chianti, Julia and Daniel’s love story intoxicates.

Carrie Callaghan, author of A Light of Her Own

The House by the Cypress Trees, Elena Mikalsen’s newest novel, is a charming love story between a British architect and an American school teacher. It is also a whirlwind tour of Italy from Rome to Tuscany. Both are from incomplete families with one parent deceased, yet they find extended families in Italy. A fun read with authentic details of gorgeous Tuscany.

Suanne Schafer, author of A Different Kind of Fire Hunting the Devil