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We’re back in Italy — and falling in love — in this book about two people whose lives are falling apart, but who might just be perfect together. Daniel’s job isn’t going well and he’s just been dumped. But when he almost runs over Julia, an American woman who’s in Italy looking for her mother, sparks fly. Can the two create something beautiful in such a gorgeous country? Pick this one up to find out!

Elena Mikalsen’s writing makes it easy for readers to be swept away. Travel with Texas-native, Julia, whose first international trip to Italy in search of her birth mother takes a romantic detour. Set in a sun-soaked Italy, The House by the Cypress Trees is a treat for the senses. Beautiful food, wine, and romance, along with a gorgeous setting make this novel hard to put down!

Sarahlyn Bruck, bestselling author of Designer You

Mikalsen takes us on a charming ride through scenic Italy, as delightful as a luscious bite of a fresh apricot. And like a rich glass of Chianti, Julia and Daniel’s love story intoxicates.

Carrie Callaghan, author of A Light of Her Own

The House by the Cypress Trees, Elena Mikalsen’s newest novel, is a charming love story between a British architect and an American school teacher. It is also a whirlwind tour of Italy from Rome to Tuscany. Both are from incomplete families with one parent deceased, yet they find extended families in Italy. A fun read with authentic details of gorgeous Tuscany.

Suanne Schafer, author of A Different Kind of Fire Hunting the Devil

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