Book Club Discussion Questions

  1. Why does Maya struggle so much to cope with her patient’s death?
  2. If Maya didn’t find the ring, would she have been able to return to practicing medicine?
  3. Is David Maya’s soulmate or was it all just a coincidence? Is there such a thing as soulmates?
  4. Can people really leave some of their energy behind as they pass away? Where do you wish to leave some of your soul?
  5. Which of the women did you connect with better?
  6. Who was your favorite character in the book?
  7. Which man do you think is better for Rebecca: Mark or Edward?
  8. What do you think of Rebecca’s healing ability? Do you believe in Reiki or natural healing?
  9. Who do you think has more courage: Rebecca or Maya?
  10. Who do you think has more heartbreak: Rebecca or Maya?
  11. What do you think Rebecca’s life will be like after she arrives in America?
  12. What do you think Mark’s life was like after his story with Rebecca ended?
  13. Do you have any special objects in your home that carry family memories?
  14. What was your favorite scene in the book?
  15. I really loved sharing the stories of Rebecca and Maya with you. Thank you for reading!
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