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I am currently working on a women’s fiction novel with elements of psychological suspense. The story is about a woman who is plotting a revenge on a group of individuals who attempted to ruin her life twenty-one years ago. When I was a pre-teen, my favorite novel was The Count of Monte Christo. I’ve always wondered what would happen if the protagonist was a female and in modern times. How would she handle a similar situation, where there were several people who have done a terrible thing to her, yet continued to prosper and live their life and go unpunished. If she was suddenly given a chance and had the means to take justice into her own hands, would she do it? And how? And would it make her happy?


Written in alternating points of view, the novel follows a woman and a man who find themselves traveling to Tuscany together. Julia Reines is a High School Geography teacher from Texas who came to Italy to discover the origins of a mysterious painting she found in her mother’s attic. Her plans get interrupted as she steals a dog from a homeless man on a tram in Rome. Daniel Stafford is a London architect who is about to lose his job and who is struggling to cope with a family tragedy. He finds Julia a welcome distraction from his troubles, but Julia believes Daniel is only interested in her dog. Can she learn to trust him? Can he convince her she deserves love?

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