The Latest Reviews for Wrapped in the Stars

Written with passion and expertise, Elena Mikalsen’s WRAPPED IN THE STARS is an intelligent and beautifully crafted story that proves the power of love while illuminating the historical struggles of women in medicine. I love books that teach me something while also being thoroughly entertaining, and Mikalsen’s debut does just that.

Kelli Estes, author of THE GIRL WHO WROTE IN SILK

Mikalsen effortlessly weaves past and present in this engaging tale.  WRAPPED IN THE STARS spans countries and centuries, testing the boundaries between love, loyalty, fate, and following your heart. A delightful debut!

Jessica Topper, author of LOUDER THAN LOVE

Mikalsen’s debut draws you in and takes you on a richly detailed journey, from Edinburgh to Bern, to Paris and New York. A tale of aspirations and familial pressures, of serendipity and the choices we make, WRAPPED IN THE STARS thoughtfully explores how we can take control of our lives.

Amanda Stauffer, author of MATCH MADE IN MANHATTAN